Living every time through the same experience is boring!


Athletes feel pain, determination and finally the glory of their achievement. We believe that an athlete’s pure and raw emotion is worth being re-lived. We also feel that such an epic emotional journey should be proudly shared with loved ones and everyone close. Here at MySports, we embrace today’s rapid technological development. We capture emotion, digitalize it and turn it into a seamless experiential solution that creates a unique bond between the athlete, the athlete’s social circle, and your brand. This is what our devoted team of experts and vivid sports enthusiasts work on every day. We are here, waiting to work miracles with you.

Cor Honkoop (MySports CEO)


MySports’ solutions are a response to the ever-changing fields of
digital technology, brand and sponsorship activation, fan engagement and
experiential marketing

  • Live Events

    Most of the participants who attend four or more events a year want to experience sponsorship activations at a live event.
  • Social Ads

    Social ads accompanied by a friend’s endorsement generate a 55 percent higher ad recall than non-social ads.
  • Social Platforms

    Social platforms prioritize content from friends and family over fan and business pages.
Source: The Nielsen Company (US)