We enhance and share personal event experience


Power your brand activation and events with engagement and self-expression.
Create an unforgettable experience that will be spread and shared online.




Our goal is creating ultimate engagement for brands

Content-driven engagement strategy

We create long-lasting connections between your brand and its fans, and we help turn your followers into bonafide customers. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and develop customized video content for your business. We focus on an omnichannel, integrated approach tailored to your target audience’s expectations.

Brand-centered approach

We understand your brand needs. We will prepare for your project and get to know your business well. We will fulfill your objectives and devise solutions to facilitate your brand goals.

GDPR proof​

We work towards GDPR proof activations. We are aware of the Privacy and Security obligations and we tend to help you protect your consumer data.​

Captivating service that delivers

We can create an emotional connection with your fans and followers and reach them with the interactive tools. Our techniques add real value to your live events and create long-lasting memories. Our software is second to none — let us tailor it to your individual needs.

MySports in Numbers

Every Year



  • Andre
    MySports has captured millions of experiences on camera for Mud Masters’ participants over the last few years. This enabled participants to share their experience proudly on (social) media and to save the images that might impress their grandchildren one day. Media production in the mud is challenging, but MySports has proven to be up for the challenge, working extensively with Mud Masters to give participants a seamless experience.
    Founder at MUD MASTERS
  • Gareth
    Hi Christian, That is fantastic. I looked at a few of the videos myself and they are brilliant. Great work on this guys.
    Senior PR & Sports Marketing Specialist at ASICS UK

This is where we have shaped the experience together

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