Race Video

The MySports race video service offers a personal video experience of every athlete using a RFID sports chip. The service can deliver 15 minute video content of 40000 individual athletes within 24 hours *

The power of the service lies within the duration of the attention of the viewer.

This makes the service highly effective in creating brand awareness especially when the brand is related to the event or to sports in general.


Exposure is created via personalized or non-personalized adds and optional or mandatory commercials.

Like YouTube the MySports video player can be activated inside any sponsor or event website.

Not only for running or cycling!

The video service can be used for a variety of sports. Other than running or cycling examples are swimming, obstacle races and hockey.

Millions of viewers

With 33 million unique viewers and over 123 million video clips** the service is the leading personal video services for sports worldwide.

Check our highlights in the video:

* Berlin Marathon 2014
** source: statcounter.com, 31-12-2014