Our team

Our mission:

We dedicated ourselves to bringing a maximized personal race experience to each and every athlete in a sports event. While doing so, we connect athletes, friends and family members to the event and sponsoring brands.

Cor Honkoop

  • Cor Honkoop
    • Managing Director

Jessica Ridderikhoff

  • Jessica Ridderikhof
    • Office & HR Manager

Ralf Schipper

  • Ralf Schipper
    • Commercial Manager

Christian Kos

  • Christian Kos
    • Project Management Lead

Kate Grabska

  • Kate Grabska
    • Account Manager

Aschwin Wijnands

  • Aschwin Wijnands
    • Account Manager

Onno van Dijk

  • Onno van Dijk
    • Senior Project Manager

Bas de Greef

  • Bas de Greef
    • Senior Project Manager

Marianne Jongsma

  • Marianne Jongsma
    • Project Manager

Floor Schumacher

  • Floor Schumacher
    • Junior Project Manager

Bas Jubels

  • Bas Jubels
    • Junior Project Manager

Darko Velickovic

  • Darko Velickovic
    • Developer

Aleksa Vasiljevic

  • Aleksa Vasiljevic
    • Developer

Fenneke van de Haar

  • Fenneke van de Haar
    • Office Assistant

Johan Endenburg

  • Johan Endenburg
    • Warehouse manager