Live timing services

MySports provides a total sports timing solution using the latest UHF RFID technology for running, cycling, triathlon and special events.

The MySports UHF RFID sports timing chip is affordable, reliable and does not need to be returned after the race.

The chip is attached to the race number, shoelaces, swimming cap, seat post or ankle of an athlete.


Due to high quality sport timing chips, reliable hardware and software the following goals are achieved:

During the Dutch Championships 10km in 2012 MySports missed 0 out of the 10.000 chip time registrations.

MySports developed a digital shotgun connection which can be attached to the start RFID system. Due this development there will no discrepancy between the event crew, the timing company and the jury on the exact shotgun time of the race. Ask your timer for this solutions.

MySports was the first company providing a disposable passive chip solutions in the cap of swimming athletes.

At the Amsterdam City Swim 2013 99,8% of the 2000 participants were registered in the canals of Amsterdam.

For the first time in history the swimming athletes did not had to touch the finish line to be registered.

Due to the optional live finish video system, MySports is able to solve discussions with the jury or event directors on the spot.


MySports uses a live timing module. Using this module means no delay in providing (unofficial) results for the athletes. Times can be seen live on the app or on live social services.

The MySports timing system can be used without registrations mats. An RFID antenna on the side of the road is used to track the time of the athletes if needed.

Due to highly skilled IT specialist MySports is able to provide reliable remote internet connections. MySports uses 2 internet devices to make sure that a reliable internet connection can be used at each timing point.

The MySports timing mats are very thin and easy to handle which makes them very suitable for cycling and triathlon events.

We time over 385.000 athletes a year!

We time over 385.000 athletes for 6 different sports at 154 events worldwide each year making the team very experienced in finding the best timing solution for your event.

Examples of races timed by MySports are:
UCI World Championships cycling
Dutch Championships running Half Marathon and Marathon
Dutch Championships running 10km (road)
Alpe 'd Huzes
Amstel Gold Race
Eindhoven Marathon

The highest standard

MySports offers the highest standard of timing services in the market.

Our professional sports timers at least have five years of experience.

We are happy to help you make your event a great experience for every athlete!