Live event apps

“Making sports alive” is the slogan that might fit the best for our live event apps services. When launching the MySports event app for the first cycling race it hit the number one position at the sports app top 10. The need for the live event app was proven.

The live event app will make a sports event more transparent. The app is a also great tool for a sponsor as the event app can be fully customized at the wish of the sponsor.

The Mysports Event app is the first app to combine RFID chip technology en GPS technology making it possible to follow your friends even when they are not using the app at the event. A great tool for the crowd as they know the position of the athletes. As a result the app will cause more interaction along the course as the position of the athletes is known.

The app also replaces the website as it shows the crucial information in a nutshell using easy one-click navigation. The event will get less question as the users can find answers at a click of a button. But there is more. Using the app the athlete can see how to run or ride the course, where to get drinks and where to go in case of emergencies. Also the event organizer is in full control knowing where the athletes are for crowd control or in case of emergencies. The app also shows a tweet deck which does not require a twitter account.

Finally it is possible to send out a push notification so the athletes are update instantly. The result is direct action of the athletes and crowd.

Be in control and let your athletes and the crowd be in control. Ask for the event app.