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Head of Commerce

Ralf is the ultimate accounts consultancy veteran, with a wide range of high-end projects and brands in his impressive portfolio. He offers in-depth insights and knows how to make your projects more successful and rewarding.


Head of Project Management

Chris is an astute and experienced project leader who focuses on providing a seamless experience for our clients. His goal is to enrich the fan ‘ experience at live events.


Head of HR and Finance

Jessica can find the right person in the right place at the right time. As head of our HR and finance teams, she acquires new talent based on her experience in A-level companies.


Head of Marketing

Kate is an experiential activation specialist. She has worked with global brands and brings a deep understanding of marketing and general business. An expert in brand intelligence, Kate identifies and develops new concepts for sponsorship and brand activations to work towards the best ROI and other KPIs.


Head of IT

An exceptional digital engineering leader, Darko uses cutting-edge solutions and tailors them to your needs. He leads a team that develops innovative solutions like our app-based selfie tool and content sharing system.

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